Fernan Long-knife

A grizzled old ranger who can't give up the wilds.


Race: Human
Sex: Male
Class: Ranger
Level: 1
Current XP: 3609
Next Level: 2250

STR: 18/68
DEX: 17
INT: 15
WIS: 14
CON: 14
CHA: 9

Max HP: 16
Current HP: 16
THAC0: 20
AC: 3
Weapon Proficiencies: Long bow, Dagger, Two-weapon Style

Possessions: Chain Mail, Composite Long bow w/20 arrows, Two Daggers, backpack, waterskin, bedroll, light riding horse w/tack, harness, saddles, and saddlebags, 1 month iron rations

Carried Coins:
GP: 100

Banked Coins:

Important Skills:
Only surprised on 1 in 6.
Surprises enemy on 3 in 6 when alone.
+1 damage per level vs. Giant class humanoids.

Significant Magic Items:
Cube of Force

Frequently Used Spells:

Common Tactics:
Fernan prefers to use his bow to soften up opponents before going for their throats with his dagger. He is a vicious fighter, fast on his feet, agile and strong, and his daggers do a surprising amount of damage for such small weapons. He will always fight in melee with a dagger in each hand, and usually goes straight for the (physically) largest opponent on the field. He is tactically aware and will disengage from his own fight to support beleaguered allies if needed.

Dual Daggers, 1d4+3, +2 / +2 to hit, 2 attacks per round
Composite Long bow, 1d6, +2 to hit, 2 attacks per round


Fernan is a grizzled veteran of the Queen’s Men, experienced in combat and well-versed with the layout of the Wynt and the various tribes that live within.

Fernan was hired for 100 GP up front and 235 GP value of equipment, plus a 1/4 share of treasure earned.

Fernan Long-knife

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