Agents of Prophecy

Ibn Keine - After Action Report

Post Watchtower

Following the day’s successful ambush it was our duty to investigate the claims of Neera and Lachais that the watchtower to the north may have been unguarded. While they have no motive for dishonesty we must do our due diligence, reconnoiter the situation, and act as the situation deems necessary. We traveled without incident to the location. Initial observation and a preliminary investigation seemed to validate the claims of the watchtower being abandoned. Certain members of the team engaged in noisemaking and/or merriment to provoke a reaction but this was unproductive. We deemed it necessary to investigate inside.

It was too risky to bring the depleted casters into the watchtower itself so we left them with the men-at-arms and entered the building. This proved to be a wise decision as we were beset upon by a swarm of large locust-type mosquitos. The queensman Fernan Long-knife named them to be stirges. They very well could be dangerous foes in numbers but one of the team tossed flaming oil into the room and that was that. The shifty dwarf Wandir and his companions set about acquiring and re-purposing the supplies and goods from the previous occupants. I made no objection to the activity as at this point it is abundantly clear they were either dead or worse had fled their post. I kept hope alive and soldiered on hoping for the best as we continued up.

Upon reaching the roof of the watchtower those hopes were dashed as we discovered a truly foul creature nesting over the dessicated remains of the many guards. This winged beast was oozing strange jelly upon whom more “stirges” seemed to be nursing. It immediately began crooning which had a beguiling effect upon my comrades for some reason, I know not why. But Wandir and I were able to press the assault upon the creature whereby we drove it off. I loathed that such a creature escaped as I fear it will only bring us more trouble and visit more ruin to others.

For now we rest and prepared for the days long journey to the swamps.


PaulCaughell adamwanderer

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