The Skullcrusher clan is one of the largest warbands in the Wynt.  Their symbol is a bleached human skull with an iron-shod fist bursting out of the top of it.

Unlike many of the xenophobic tribes in the Wynt, the Skullcrushers are inclusive of multiple humanoid races.  Orcs, bugbears, goblins, half-orcs, and degenerate humans are known to be part of the clan. The Skullcrushers are currently lead by an immense and brutally intelligent ogre named Durbash Thrakburzu.

The Skullcrushers frequently raid out of the Wynt, destroying towns and taking slaves (usually females) and loot.

The party has encountered a Skullcrusher warband returning from a raid.  They destroyed most of the orcs and their bugbear leader, but several escaped.  The party was able to save two of the slaves.  Since their village had been destroyed, Ibn Keine offered the women a paid place in their band as cooks and grooms, which they accepted.


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