A dark man with a dark past, loyal as long as his employer's coin holds out.


Race: Human
Sex: Male
Class: Assassin
Level: 1
Current XP: 0
Next Level: 1500

STR: 16
DEX: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CON: 11
CHA: 7

Max HP: 6
Current HP: 6
THAC0: 20
AC: 7
Weapon Proficiencies: Short Sword, Dagger, Short bow

Possessions: Studded Leather Armor, Short Sword, Dagger with Poisoner’s Sheath, Short Bow w/20 arrows, backpack, 4 weeks iron rations, light riding horse w/tack, harness, and saddlebags

Carried Coins:
GP: 100

Banked Coins:

Important Skills:
Surprise Attack: +4 to attack roll, double damage upon hit (in some ways this is the inverse of the alertness ability)

Assassination: When attacking from surprise, the assassin may attempt to kill his target outright. Rolling a 3 in 6 success allows the assassin to deal his weapon damage in hit dice instead of hit points. ex. Instead of dealing 3 hit points of damage, he removes 3 hit dice of health from the target. If this is equal or greater to the target’s total hit dice, it is killed instantly, otherwise he would deal 3-24 points of damage (3d8).

Brew poison: given 1 day and 100 gp, a thief can brew one dose of save-or-die poison sufficient to threaten the life of a human-sized opponent. How larger or smaller creatures react to poison is by referee ruling. 5 in 6 chance to identify and know effects of examined poisons. Other recipes (such as for a paralytic poison) can be found, or can be synthesized based on reverse-engineering an identified poison.

Significant Magic Items:

Frequently Used Spells:

Common Tactics:
Richard will NOT charge directly into battle, regardless of orders from Wandir. He is a cautious and circumspect fighter, and prefers to attack from surprise and behind if possible. He will move to support Wandir or any front-line fighter and attempt to circle behind an opponent. Richard uses his dagger only when he deems it necessary to eliminate a foe quickly, otherwise he will attack from range with the bow or in melee with the short sword.

Short Sword 1d6+1, + 0 to hit
Short Bow 1d6, 2 arrows per round, + 0 to hit
Poisoned Dagger 1d4+1, save vs. poison or die on first hit only, +0 to hit


RIchard was hired by Wandir in the Cadeyrn town of Semarius. He never speaks of his past, answering questions about it with, “My contract does not require me to answer that.” He claims he will be absolutely loyal to Wandir…as long as the contract remains current. Failing that, his guildmaster would kill him.

Richard was hired for 100 GP up front, plus equipment valued at 102 GP. His contract is for a flat 100 GP paid on the 15th of every month, plus a 1/4 share of treasure earned.


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