Ibn Keine (Firalian)

Human Fighter in the sense that a Roc is a bird


Race: Human
Sex: Male
Class: Fighter*
Level: 4

STR: 18/00
DEX: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 15
CON: 15(17*)
CHA: 15

Max HP: 52
Current HP: 52
THAC0: 17(12 Bastard Sword)
AC: 3

Para/Pois 13 Petr/Poly 14 RSW 15 Breath 16 Spells 16(15)

Scale Mail, Sm Shield, Bastard Sword, Lg Backpack, 2 week of Iron Rations, 5 weeks Std Rations, Quiver, 50’ of rope, 5 Torches, Lg Belt Pouch, 2 Waterskins, Wolfsbane, Garlic cloves, (1) Silvered Arrow, Cloak, 3 Lg Sacks, 5 vials of Oil, Small Helmet, Club, Hvy Horse Lance, 2 Vials of Holy Water, 2 Potion of Healing, (5) Caltrops, 40 days horse feed

Carried Coins:
PP: 0
EP: 0
GP: 62
SP: 20
CP: 7

Banked Coins:
PP: 0
EP: 0
GP: 4920
SP: 0
CP: 0

Significant Magic Items:
(2) Potions CLW

Frequently Used Spells:

Common Tactics:

2/1 – Bastard Sword + 6 hit/+ 9 dmg 2d4/2d8 (Double specialization)
2/1 – Shortbow + 1 hit 1d6 dmg Range 5/10/18 (22 Arrows)
3/2 – Hvy Horse Lance 5 hit/9 damage – 3d3dmg/3d6dmg (while mounted +7 hit)

Current XP – 11,578


Ibn Keine is direct, personable and professional. Naturally likeable but a man who limits his words for seemingly random information and saves his breath for action.

The large, fair haired Ibn Keine hails from Caderyn and is quite frequently called “Ebon” in jest by his companions. I say companions instead of friends because even those closest to him are not quite sure if the man has any…

By those that know him well Ibn is well-spoken, thoughtful, ridiculously athletic and considerate. Just about anyone who meets him envy him yet most like him.

Ibn Keine (Firalian)

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