The Party's Hirelings

The saddest bunch of sad sacks ever to work for adventurers


6 Men-at-arm (Hobilars) 6 hp each, 20 Thac0, 1d6 damage (short swords), AC 4 (chainmail and shield), light war horses, (2gp/month each)
4 Crossbowmen 6hp each, 20 thac0, 1d6 damage (crossbow) (2gp/month each), AC 7 (Ringmail), (2gp/month each)
1 Torchbearer (Wort)
2 Torchbearers (Bob and Bob)
2 female cook/groom (Neera and Lachais) (20sp/month ea)


The Party's Hirelings

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