Agents of Prophecy

Trapsing thru the swamp

.. thieves journal 2

I blame the ranger. There, I said it. It is all his fault the day turned as sour as it did. I just wanted to look for more loot and drink some ale but NO, we had a “mission”. Ah, but I am getting carried away.

Oh, and if anyone sees a mother Stirges with a silver dagger sticking out of her chest, I will pay good coin for its return. It was lost in the heat of battle and belongs to my “light fighter”, which he is very sore about. Something about his “favorite dagger” and that I “should not have laid my hands on it.” In my defense, it was a POISON dagger and I hit it squarely in the chest, the poison just had not effect. :(

Let me start from after the watchtower, you can read about it in Ibn Keine – After Action Report.

After Fernan signaled the Queensman and they arrived, and provided us with some gold for payment of clearing out the tower, we made camp and stayed for the remainder of the day.

The next day we gathered up our belonging and started making our way to the swamp. As we were going through the hills Ibn’s horse, Besar, steps on a patch that crumbles and 12 centipeds come out. Seven of them attach Besar but only one does any damage. Besar, and the rest of us, make short order of the centipedes.

The next few days are uneventful and it not until mid-day on the fifth day out do we leave the hills and enter a light forrest. Two days later things finally get interesting. Mid-day it starts to storm. We have rain and thunder. Fernan says that we have made it to the swamp but we cannot bring our horses or wagons or we will lose them. Reluctantly, we leave them along with the hirelings and some of the heavy gear (food, etc) while we head out into the swamp.

With Fernan in the lead we go deeper into the swamp. Besides getting mud in my boots, nothing happens. We found some hummocky terrain to sleep on until morning.


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