Agents of Prophecy

Chapter 1

The Story So Far

Strangers gathered in the Dancing Wyvern Inn in Semarius, looking for adventure. An ancient wizard entered and offered a quest and treasure for any brave enough to enter the Wynt. Several adventurers banded together to accept the quest and traveled into the wild lands south of Semarius.

Arriving at the dungeon, an ancient structure that appeared to have been buried since at least the 2nd age, they quickly and tragically discovered that the entrance was trapped. Wiser, and short a hireling and their only thief, they proceeded inside. Therein, the party fought many goblins and other creatures as they made their way into the depths. On the second level, they found a prison containing an assortment of creatures, one of which was an ancient werewolf known as the Alpha, possibly the first of it’s kind. Giving the creature a wide berth, they proceeded on and encountered an insane dwarf named Grabthar, who tried to kill the other dwarf in the party. It was later discovered that Grabthar, in his insanity, had lain with female goblins, one of which bore him a half-goblin child, Gorignak.

In the final room of the dungeon, the party encountered the goblin chieftain and his finest guards. The chieftain wore a strange gauntlet that appeared to be made of molten stone. The heroes made quick work of the goblins and took the treasure, including the gauntlet which now appeared to be a normal piece of plate armor.

As they left the room, they heard a metallic snap that echoed through the whole dungeon. The Alpha appeared to have been freed by one of the Deathless Servants for unknown reasons.

Leaving Grabthar and Gorignak behind, they returned to Fort Maudec to meet with Llewellyn and discuss the items they found. Llewellyn revealed the prophecy to them by translating scrolls recovered from the dungeon. The party decided that this was an important quest that they should pursue and proceeded to prepare for the trip to the swamps of ezerth to seek further information.


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